About Emoji Resear.ch

As more and more research is made about emojis we felt that there was a need for a place where all this could be easily found. We therefore set out to collect information and links to all emoji research that has been made and put it in one place that could easily be searched. In essence, Emoji Resear.ch is a small, and very specific, search engine.

Emoji Resear.ch doesn’t host any of the research on the website itself. Instead we collect the basic information, including any existing abstract, and provide a link to the actual research paper or report.

Some Q’s and A’s

Who are you?

Emoji Resear.ch was started and is maintained by Daniel Hånberg Alonso, who also runs the website Emoji Timeline. But the site is kept alive by all of you who suggests research to be added to our search engine.

How do I suggest a missing research?

You can of course suggest, and we would be very glad if you did, a research missing from the site through our suggestion contact form.

Why don’t this link work?

As often is the case, unfortunately, with research papers done by scientific or educational institutions – they remove old projects and the links to them become broken. Please feel free to use the “Report broken link” button on our page for the research in question and we’ll try and hopefully find an updated one.

How do I get in contact with you?

You send an email to hello@emojiresear.ch. It’s really that simple.

Why emojiresear.ch and not emojiresearch.com?

Because Keith Broni of Emojipedia had already bought the domain emojiresearch.com. At first we thought that it was a bummer. But when we found out that we could use the TLD for Switzerland as part of our domain, we fell in love with this name instantly.

Do you speak Swedish?

För då kan jag tipsa om boken “Emoji: En historia om känslor, bajs och ett gult leende” som jag skrivit om emojins historia och om hur vi människor genom tiderna kommunicerat med hjälp av tecken och bilder.

Emoji: En historia om känslor, bajs och ett gult leende

Har du någonsin undrat var emojis kommer ifrån? Eller vad skillnaden är mellan en smiley, en emoticon och en emoji? Eller vilka organisationen är som bestämmer över hur alla på jorden kommunicerar med varandra digitalt?

Finns att köpa bl.a. på Adlibris och Bokus.