English Research Paper

Animoji Adoption and Use: Gender Associations with an Emergent Technology

Emoji 2020 - Workshop on Emoji Understanding and Applications in Social Media |


Advances in facial recognition technology have enabled graphical filters that can track a user’s facial expressions in real time. One such application is Apple’s Animoji feature for the iPhone. This paper examines gender differences in Animoji use and adoption. In-depth, semi-structured interviews with 33 Animoji users (19 F; 13 M; 1 non-binary) were conducted to understand the users’ experiences with Animoji, as well as their reasons for choosing to use them. Women self-reported using Animoji more and were more oriented toward cuteness, whereas men adopted Animoji earlier and experimented with the technology more. Overall, Memoji were used more often by both genders than animal or object Animoji. We conclude by advancing predictions about future Animoji adoption and use.